What is Clubhouse?

Just like it says. Drop-In Audio Chat. Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app where member have the opportunity to drop into various voice chat rooms that can accommodate up to 5,000 people. Members host audio-only live discussions that provide listeners an opportunity to participate by either joining and listening or speaking on a digital dais. 

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The Clubhøuse 

Our Rooms
⭐️✨No Pressure For Creatives✨⭐️
No Pressure for Creatives is a Safe Space to share thoughts without opposition or judgement. We discuss obstacles and challenges our members face, while sharing constructive and actionable solutions.

 We host live Safe Spaces 🚨  and Brave Spaces ⚠️
🚨 A Safe Space is a place where people can respectfully discuss issues WITHOUT opposition or the risk of judgement.
⚠️ A Brave Space is a place where people can respectfully discuss issues WITH constructive opposition and WITHOUT risk of judgement.
Clubhouse Services
⚙ Create Professionally Managed Rooms
✳️Professional Room Moderators
👨‍🏫 Professional Speakers and Hosts
💽 DJing and Original Music
🎙Event Emcees and Event Announcers
👁‍🗨 Recorded Event Intros & Outros
🔊Event Commercials and Marketing
⚠️ Room Disclaimers and Announcements

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The Clubhøuse is a Space for Safe and Brave conversations, where people express opinions without pressure or judgement.

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