About Our

Learn Train Design Team

LTD Mission

Our mission is to help people effectively use multimedia to establish and promote their brand. At Learn Train Design, we are dedicated to providing clients with and variety of multimedia coaching resources.

We train our members  to use multiple tools, techniques and processes to help streamline multimedia workflow. Our coaching teams also provides branding services for a wide variety of creators and small businesses globally.

Company Outlook

Company Name
● Learn Train Design by Doc Reo Media, LLC.

 Business Strategy
● Go-to-Market Strategy 
Clubhouse Coaching
● Creating Private or Public  Rooms
●  Community Coaching
● Speech and Presence
● Stage Etiquette
● Moderating and Room Managment
● Situational Training, and Planning
●  Troubleshooting Tips
Social Media Coaching
● Social Media Marketing
● Branding Tools and Training
● Marketing Templates, Tools, and Tips
● Networking within Our Private Communities
Multimedia Coaching
● Multimedia Production
● Adobe CC Products
● PHP, HTML, and CSS
● Microsoft Office and Apple Works
● 3D Studio and Blender
● Pro Tools, Reasons, Audacity, and More

LTD Founders 

Gosia Kosel

Sr. Learning Expeirence Officer, Designer, Graphic Designer, Influencer, and Social Media Coach at 
Kovila Design

Live Talks

Join Us for Our Live Sessions on Clubhouse for FREE Branding Tips, Coaching, Networking, and More.
The Clubhøuse

Doc Reo 

Sr. Learning Expeirence Officer, Designer Producer, Media Specialist, and Multimedia Coach at
Doc Reo Media, LLC.