Learn How to Sound Great On Any Microphone & Attract Real Authentic Leads to Build Your Community the Doc Reo Way Via Podcast, Social Audio, or In-Person

Are you having a hard time with your Audio?
All it takes is the right skills to Sound Great Online.
You can do it too. Get your seat, today!

WHo Should Attend This Training?

This training applies to all broadcasters from newest speakers online to seasoned veterans. The course is only for those who are ready to sound great online, practice daily, read and write about news everyday, and increase your ability to authentically connect to others.

Do you Sound Great?

How About Online?
I sound great in person but I've also gone live on social media and the sound quality didn't show off my talents, my message came out all jumbled, or even worse.
I most likely spent too much time planning the Wrong Things than doing the One Right Thing.

Ready Make A Change?

It only takes a little bit of know-how and planning to produce audio that fits anyone's voice and dimeanor. However, it takes a bit of practice to deliver vocals. It takes the right timing, and the right intonation to be effective. 

That's right! Practice.

All the greats practice daily. To be one of them, then we must do the same. At Learn Train Design, Doc Reo has developed a course to walk you through the best techniques to become an effective audio broadcaster. 


Because Speaking Online is Broadcasting!

 Our group course is designed to help you create a podcast, join drop-in audio chat, and work from home. 

You can do it all with the same great sounding audio.

Ready to Sound Great?

Early-Bird Pre-Orders Ends in October.

After that the price goes up.

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Access to Live Recordings from the LIVE 30 Day Workshop.



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One Year of Live Events,  Workshops, Training, & More About
How to Sound Great Online!



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  • One Year of  Content 
  • Audio & Video Recordings
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Social Audio Tips

Looking For Some Social Drop-in Audio Tips? 
We Got You covered!

The program includes all the basics to get you started speaking on any digital dias. The event is a highly-interactive  group workshop where you will also receive one-on-one vocal coaching and script writing

Doc Reo

Doc Reo is a producer, multimedia expert, speaker, and veteran of the U.S. Army. He has worked in production positions at various studios, including NBC/ Universal, CBS, Paramount, Fox, The Hallmark Channel, and Warner Bros Online, and has produced press kits, promos, and music videos for Universal Music Group. After transitioning into reporting for radio, Doc Reo became a program director and executive producer at KPCRadio.com, and he worked as an news editorial assistant at 88.5 KCSN at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

He is currently attending the University of Southern California at the Rossier School of Education, obtaining a Master’s in Education and he is the President of the LDT Society @Rossier. Doc Reo, aka Mareo-Ahmir Lawson is also the managing director and a producer at Doc Reo Media and founder of Learn Train Design.

Still Waiting?

Are you ready to Sound Great Online? 
What are you waiting for? Get Your Course, Today!

"Motivation, speaking, acting, also Art that helps to transform your life in a very unique way."

"I don't have enough words to thank you for your precious time and for sharing your wisdom."

"Speaking with Doc is always a pleasure. He is very insightful, encouraging, and helpful!"

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