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What is Learn Train Design?

We help brand create and distribute media by using the multiple tools, techniques and processes. We help you streamline your media production workflow. We provide media branding plans for creators, artists, musicians and small businesses. We also provide training programs that help business owners market their brands.


Step 1: Request an LTD Consultation

Contact our team to request a FREE Discovey call with one of our multimedia experts.


Step 2: Collect and Gather Relevant Data

Gather information and content that is relevant to your company's current business model, mission, and culture.


Step 3: Meet with an LTD Media Expert

Meet with one of our experts to get marketing and branding options and increase your growth.

Learning Design

Learning Experiences with content to effectively market and promote your brand, product, or service. 

Case Studies

Case Studies of past and future clients available as well as the learning activities, tools, and techniques used to create our reports.

Focus Groups

Focus Group reports and a  planning package with research tools, templates, disclaimers, and techniques for qualitative studies.


Observations, Quizzes, Surveys, and Exams focusing on learning outcomes and the value of training methods used to achieve learning objectives.


 Join us for Live Networking, Coaching, and Community Events. Learn what it's like to speak in front of a crowd.

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Resources & Services

● Network of Learning Design Experts from all fields globally.
● Live Podcasts Interviews, Videos, and Audio Creation.
● Video, and Audio Editing Services
● Design and Document Contract Templates, and Tools.
● Company Pitch Preparation and Training Services.
● Online Community event support.
● Event Promotions within our network.
● Live Keynote Speaker, and Panel Speaker Opportunities.
● Collaborations with Government Veteran Organizations.
● Cognitive Behavioral Learning Experience Design.
● Evidence-based training combined with proven branding techniques.

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